But frankly, you are not happy and you don’t know what else to do. You keep asking yourself “Is this all that there is?” Without a plan the answer is “Yes, this is it!”

Perhaps you actually did have a plan in the past, but it is no longer working – or worse yet, perhaps it never really worked in the first place! Like so many people, you worked to get a degree or acquire some kind of training without considering its relevance to the market place; and then, you spent half a lifetime trying to figure out what to do with it.

Companies change, management changes, technology changes and the economy changes – how about you? Are you becoming more irrelevant by the day?

Now you are finding it difficult to keep up with the latest trends and technology, and frankly you just don’t care anymore - and you know - you know that you are becoming more redundant every day. Just “waiting for the shoe to drop?” Could it be that there is a “new team” but you are not a part of it? Are you training a member of the new team to do your job?

Hey, maybe you took the easy way out – settling for whatever comes your way; and now, less and less is coming your way. No one is calling you anymore – actually, you are just invisibly existing.

Now consider this: You spend at least 45% of your life working, and yet, work is probably the least well planned aspect of your life. If you are like most people, you have fallen into whatever you are doing. YOU HAVE A JOB! You have something that you’d leave, if only you had the opportunity.

You want a career – something that you truly like and something that is an integral part of your life. Maybe you’ve read some self-help books. Maybe you’ve taken some career tests. Maybe you’ve attended some self-help seminars…but the fact is, you still don’t have the answer. And maybe at this point you are overwhelmed by all of the information that is available.

At Career Planning Specialists, our philosophy is that your life is a business!

And in order to be run as a successful business, you need a plan. In order to have a plan, you need information about yourself and the realities of the world around you.

At Career Planning Specialists, we believe that success is a cumulative process of discovery, rather than perpetual recovery. But this does not mean coasting – you need to take responsibility for your personal and professional growth and development. We can help get you back on track.


Doing something that you truly want to do.

Doing something that you can do with excellence.

Doing something that there is a legitimate need to have done – relevance!

Receiving adequate compensation (not just money) for your work.

Liking yourself – you have a fully integrated work and life plan.

Three key elements to achieving success involve developing a clear understanding of what you WANT to BE, DO and HAVE in life, converted into a workable system of goals.

For the past twenty-three years, Career Planning Specialists, located in the heart of downtown Plymouth, Michigan, has been helping people to achieve life/work optimization.


Convenient individual daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

Guaranteed confidentiality.

A full range of career testing.

Use of the latest labor market, wage and outlook information.

Fees by the session and not by flat rate.

Career/success coaching.

Over 200 million pieces of information related to thousands of occupations.

Assistance with resume, cover letter and interview preparation.

Job search strategy development.

Capacity to explore your transferable skills.

Learn how to set goals, cope with accelerating change and manage your own career.

Don’t place your future in anyone else’s hands – invest in yourself. Develop a clear understanding of what opportunity looks like for you - take charge of your own life and live your own plan.

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