And perhaps you have or know of a 25 or 35 year old still living at home who is educated, but underemployed, unfocused, unhappy and thousands of dollars in debt.  This is not what you had in mind for your own children.  Unfortunately, the above scenario is occurring at an alarming rate because many students are unable to identify a career goal that is best suited for them and consistent with the realities of our economy.

According to one UCLA Higher Education Research Index, only 49% of all college freshmen are able to declare a major course of study.  College students, on average, change their majors as least three times prior to graduation, if they graduate at all.  As a parent, you don’t want your children to be added to these unfortunate statistics.  Along with a fundamental base of knowledge and skills, you hope that your children leave high school with a sense of direction toward an appropriate career path.

The changing global economy underscores the need for students to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding their vocational futures.  Not only are today’s workers competing with their countrymen for the best jobs, but foreign competition as well.  And with the accelerating college training costs (6.3 – 6.6% of disposable income), poor decisions can be very expensive for you and your children.

We can help you with this critical decision making process. As an alternative to group services, Career Planning Specialists provides individualized, one-on-one attention. Sessions focus on academic and vocational assessment, college or other training program selection, formal and informal apprenticeships, sources of financial aid and other critical information that best serves the unique needs of your son or daughter.  Resume and interview preparation; and job placement assistance are also provided where appropriate.

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