< Career Planning Specialists Offers Job Counseling if You're Scared

You’re scared – ok, maybe very concerned.  In any case, there’s a lot of negative news out there, and maybe, just maybe, events at work - you know, rumors and such make you wonder if your job will last.

Perhaps your company has been sold – and the new team is going to right size your department. Hey, maybe there’s talk of outsourcing your job or replacing it with new technology.

Could it be that you need a new plan/strategy? Could it be that you have outgrown your job, but are afraid to make a move; because actually, the question is, move to what?

Lately your manager or supervisor seems to have a negative attitude towards you; the climate at work isn’t so hot and your performance reviews have turned negative. Worse yet, you have been put on a Performance Improvement Plan, which in your mind is unfair and/or undeserved. Maybe you are right: The next step – you are out the door.

You are having trouble sleeping, you’re eating and/or drinking too much, feeling overwhelmed, irritable and panicky.

You don’t have to be a victim - let’s talk soon: 734-459-7348.

You retired or exercised an early-out option

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